Atmospheric River from 2021/11/15

An atmospheric river hit the Pacific Northwest on 2021/11/15 and brought very large amounts of rain. This is less than six months after Heat Dome, where the same region was pummeled by heat uncharacteristic to the climate.

Washington State

Mount Vernon

The flood wall was raised six feet ahead of time.

Water at the top of the flood wall.

Whidbey Island


Items flying off buildings.

Waters rose above the Sewall in Vancouver, BC.




Vancouver, BC was cut off from the mainland because the highways were washed out.

The warm rain melted the snow in the mountains.


Storms hold more moisture in warmer weather.

The climate is changing faster than infrastrcutre can handle. These kinds of extremes will continue to test each region.

Going Forward

People under 40 will experience ‘unprecedented life’ of climate change disasters, study says

The study, published in the journal Science, found that children born in 2021 will on average live on an Earth with seven times more heatwaves, twice as many wildfires, and almost three times as many droughts, river floods and crop failures as people born 60 years ago.

“This basically means that people younger than 40 today will live an unprecedented life even under the most stringent climate change mitigation scenarios,” lead author Wim Thiery said in a statement. “Our results highlight a severe threat to the safety of young generations and call for drastic emission reductions to safeguard their future.”

What’s stopping change?

Imagine how future generations will look back at the status quo who preferred waiting.